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Dotforge Impact 1 - Spring '15

Mobile Power

Mobile Power is a clean technology company aimed at bringing a safe and affordable power source to developing markets. Now deployed in the Gambia, Mobile Power offers rechargeable battery packs as an alternative to diesel-powered generators and kerosene. The batteries are designed to recharge using solar power and are tracked using cellular technology to minimise loss. Mobile Power uses the existing village shops as a distribution network and works with micro-finance institutions to fund expansion into new towns and villages.



Deliverd offers healthy meals designed by a Michelin-trained chef to busy professionals at lunchtime. Their elegant platform facilitates the order and delivery of a rotating seasonal menu, which is prepared daily in existing restaurant kitchens and delivered directly to offices. Their unique layer of technology weaves together local kitchens, local delivery drivers and local demand to create the Deliverd Network. Deliverd also partners with community based organisations working with vulnerable individuals to provide skills-based training and a path to permanent employment.

Genre:FoodOn-Demand MarketplaceLogistics


OnShowcase is a better way for schools to connect with parents through social media. The platform enables every staff member in a school to take photos of school life, with the reassurance the photo won’t be accessible publicly until it has been reviewed by a senior team member. OnShowcase empowers staff with freedom and creativity, whilst also ensuring the school is compliant with all privacy policies when the photos are pushed out online. Schools can quickly create and distribute engaging content, without taking time away from educating their students.


Care Selector

Each year, many people across the UK are faced with the challenge of selecting a care home. This process can be extremely difficult, both emotionally and logistically. Care Selector aims to make this easier by finding the right care home for your needs and streamlining the registration process. Since their initial launch in Bristol, they have signed up 13% of all care homes and serviced 60 enquiries of which 15% have already placed an individual in a home.



CoverVideo enables employers to recruit through the medium of video. This adds another dimension to the candidate’s application. In situations where writing is a problem (such as a candidate suffering from dyslexia), video recruitment gives the opportunity for the candidate’s skills and personality to shine through.


Learner Lane

LearnerLane is an intelligent marketplace that matches quality tutors with students. Through a short questionnaire, parents can find the tutor best suited to their child’s individual needs. The platform provides a booking, contracting and payment process to make it simpler for students and parents to manage their relationships with tutors.


Open Cinema

Open Cinema allows any community space to become a fully licensed cinema. With 10 venues across the UK up and running, this company aims to disrupt film distribution by enabling local communities to licence rights, sell tickets and screen films without the need for a traditional theatre. Open Cinema was originally launched in a homeless shelter in Soho Square to bring its members together through the shared experience of cinema.

Genre:MediaSharing Economy


Stroke usually affects the mobility of the patient, making it difficult for patients to access the support they need. StrokeCare’s tele-health platform enables stroke patients to communicate with healthcare professionals remotely. The app also connects patients to local support networks, rehabilitation information and video content.



PepVend is using smart vending machines with cloud infrastructure to solve the logistical challenge of office based vending. By monitoring the function and supply of office coffee machines, snack machines and water coolers, PepVend is able to ensure employees never go without.

Genre:LogisticsInternet of Things


Polen enables users to donate to charities by performing affiliate actions, such as watching an advertiser’s video or downloading an app. It is a new way for brands to build relationships with their customers and demonstrate their wider social responsibility by directly supporting charities and causes.



Chummunity connects people who have a story to tell with writers who can help them bring that story to life. Their online platform makes it possible to results in a physical book that becomes a legacy or memento.


PiP (Pay-in-Person)

PiP is a payment allows users to make cash payments for online purchases using the UK and Irish post offices as payment points. The team is midway through discussions with established e-commerce payment platforms to become an additional payment option made available to customers at the point of purchase.


Dotforge Alumni 2 - Spring '14


Logsit is an app that records any unscheduled, recurring events. This includes a huge subset of human behaviour: from taking medication to watching a film. Using the app is simple: just add the actions you want to keep track of and swipe to check-in each time you do them. Logsit automatically stamps the time and location and users can add a note and photo.



Online collaboration has become too complicated. Constantly switching between different applications is frustrating and distracting. HIVE aims to be the go to instant collaboration tool for designers and developers. HIVE’s philosophy is to be seamless, almost invisible – essentially allowing designers/developers to share files, annotate documents and communicate with each other with just one click.

Genre:Project Management


Coacher is a web and mobile app that enables football coaches to develop better players and win more matches. With innovative data capturing capabilities, powerful statistics and in depth practice planning, coaches can now take their coaching one step further.



Agencies and brands currently have no way to determine both the effectiveness and ROI of current hashtag conversations. Posts with hashtags get on average 2x as much engagement as those without. 2x more engagement means 2x more reach and potentially 2x as many customers. Hashtrack provides in depth and actionable insights relating to the conversation around a specific hashtag over the social media landscape.

Genre:MediaData Analysis


Mihaibao is the first Western gateway made for China, offering the simplest Western luxury shopping service. Customers shop at many stores with one basket, shipping fee and invoice. Shop in Chinese, pay with Alipay and save up to 56% on Mihaibao.



The service legally aggregates prominent music and video websites (without the breach of copyright laws or terms and conditions) such as YouTube, SoundCloud and Daily Motion making it possible for users to access and manage all the content in one place.



Orderick is creating software for mobile phones and smart watches. They are currently in the process of patenting some of their IP and have been advised not to participate in demo day.

Genre:To Be Confirmed


Linc makes it easier to manage buildings. Whether a single house, a manufacturing facility, or a portfolio of commercial real estate, Linc helps ensures accurately allocated energy and water consumption to individual occupants and appliances. It reduces operational costs and minimises environmental impact.


Dotforge Alumni 1 - Spring '13


The platform for natural language interfaces. Down in the depths of your organisation, you have a treasure-trove of valuable data, but how hard is it for your users to retrieve it? Salvage your data with a natural language interface, ask your app English questions, get clear answers and reports back.

Genre:Data Analysis


Sofia works with operators to improve customer service by acting as a personal assistant to front of house teams, helping them keep track of all the service points during a customer’s journey.



GigOwl is a community booking service that connects independent musicians, promoters and the owners of pubs, music venues and spaces with capacity for up to 200 attendees.



Scholarly aims to give everyone the power to write better, faster. They provide automated proofreading and assistance when crafting text documents with Natural Language Technology.

Genre:Natural LanguageAcademia


CarMatchin helps improves the car buying experience by removing the barriers to entering the new car market. Industry jargon, poor showroom experiences at dealerships, and a lack of trust in car sales industry professionals can make buying a new car an exhausting process. The platform captures lifestyle needs exactly the same way consumers describe them, recommends suitable cars and supports the user onto the next stage of the car buying journey by setting up and booking test drives with local dealers.



Twile seeks to disrupt the nearly $2bn online family history market by making it more exciting and engaging for the whole family. Twile allows family historians to import their family trees and automatically create a rich, visual timelines of their ancestry made up of milestones, photos and videos.