Dotforge Social Ventures Accelerator - Marketing and Admin Manager

Part-Time 2.5 days set contract of 20 Months @ £20,000 plus travel

Start date 1 Nov 2014

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The Dotforge accelerator was established in 2012 to invest in early stage software companies and teams and support them to build their business around a product developed through customer engagement and testing. We have supported some amazing companies that came from around the world to join the accelerator and build their business. But we are not stopping there, we believe there is more to be done to foster the startup scene in the north of England and we are building further accelerators in Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester.

As part of our ambitious growth plan we have developed a new programme with partners Key Fund and the RSA to support tech entrepreneurs who want to have a social impact through their business as well as building a new startup. Dotforge Social Ventures is a 3 months accelerator plus 8 month incubator focused on supporting entrepreneurs who want to tackle big social challenges. We have secured investment from Big Lottery and Key Fund to run two pilot programmes in 2015.


Description of the Role

This is a part time role supporting the development and delivery of the two accelerator and incubator programmes. Your role is to provide support for the Programme Manager and Social Enterprise Specialist roles in the implementation and coordination of the programme You must be super organised and great at making sure everyone has the information they need at the right time.

You will love imposing some order and will support the setting up of workshops, events and travel arrangements for the teams, mentors and workshop providers. You will also maintain the social media and website on a regular basis ensuring that teams and events are profiled. In addition you will be the hub of the social calendar during the programmes, running regular social events to support the teams, mentors and partners to engage with the programme, teams and realise opportunities beyond the programme.


Skills / Knowledge


  • Very well organised
  • Undaunted by a busy work environment
  • Great communicator - written and verbal
  • Experience of event or workshop mangement
  • Real interest and knowledge of digital tools and products
  • Passion or curiosity for entrepreneurship
  • Social and engaged - able to work with a wide range of people


  • Financial reporting or management skills
  • Active knowledge of social media and web editing tools
  • Active knowledge or cloud based project management, events management and email management tools




  • Maintain social media content on twitter, Facebook and website
  • Maintain the programme schedule and calendar
  • Build twitter following and engagement
  • Write press releases and blog notes for press and reporters

Programme Development

  • Maintain the mentor and partnership databases
  • Develop mentor profiles for website
  • Develop team profiles for the website
  • Support team recruitment through events and profiling of programme

Accelerator and Incubator

  • Manage the day to day delivery of elements of the programme (mentor days, workshops, travel and accommodation etc)
  • Develop travel itineraries and mentor day itineraries for teams and mentors
  • Develop social events for the mentors, teams, investors and partners
  • Signpost Programme Manager and Social enterprise Specialist to any issues or needs of the teams as identified by you
  • Work with the Programme Manager to develop the website content
  • Work with the Programme Manager to develop PR and Press coverage for the teams
  • Work with the Programme Manager and core Dotforge team to develop the pitch events and other profil events for the teams
  • Signpost the teams to events and networks in the UK which might be of interest or use to them

Evaluation and Future Development

  • Support the development of questionnaires for teams, mentors, partners and other to gather feedback on the programmes
  • Help to capture and assess feedback to refine the second accelerator programme
  • Support the development of final reporting on the accelerator and incubator programmes

Powered by the Social Incubator Fund which is managed by Big Lottery for the Office for Civil Society, Cabinet Office. Project partners include dotforge, Key Fund and the RSA.