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Limitless Travel joined Dotforge in Autumn 2015



Limitless Travel specialises in holidays for people with disabilities, mobility issues and the elderly. We use the power of technology to make the world accessible to all.

The Problem

Everybody has special requirements when they want to go on holiday and it is important these are met. For people with disabilities it is essential these are met. But mainstream travel companies don’t cater to their needs. Therefore, planning and booking a holiday suitable for a disability can be time consuming, costly and a nerve-wracking experience.

Our solution

Limitless Travel take away the hassle the stress and the worry from traveling with a disability so that individuals can focus on having a fantastic holiday. Our specialist holiday concierge service enables individuals with disabilities to plan and book holidays across the UK, Europe and the World suitable to their access needs.

Revenue Model

Limitless Travel offers 2 services - Packaged holidays and group tours.

Target market

10 million+ people in the UK with a disability with an annual spend of over £3billion on travel in the UK. Our focus is on individuals with mobility issues aged 45-70.

Competitive advantage

  • Managed and run by people with disabilities
  • Very positive and aspirational brand that focuses on travel rather than disability
  • A strong advisory board with a wealth of experience in the travel industry
  • A level of care and service which no other company in accessible tourism provides
  • Extensive research conducted to find the top accessible hotels
  • Offer care support and equipment hire with any holiday taking away all hassle, stress & worry

Management team

CEO – Angus Drummond –Founded Limitless after experiences of traveling with a disability.
COO – John Mizutani – 7 Years’ experience of management in the hospitality industry.
CTO – Jonathan Fortune – Experienced and innovative full-stack web developer.
Dev Anand (Advisor) – Founded Business Travel company Expotel to £100 million turnover
Danny Shaw (Advisor) – Director Risk & Investment at E.ON Energy.
Fiona Duncan (Advisor) – Renowned Hotel and Travel Journalist – Sunday Telegraph.

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