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Cupris Health joined Dotforge Health + Data in Spring 2016.



Today, GPs are overwhelmed, hospitals have huge waiting lists and remote areas have limited access to healthcare. Telemedicine is an extremely attractive solution to bring healthcare closer to the patient but most telemedicine solutions focus on providing video or text communication tools. This misses a significant part of the consultation: the clinical examination.


The idea for Cupris came from Jules Hamann, an NHS Consultant Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgeon, who felt that a large proportion of his patient consultations were unnecessary and could easily be handled remotely. This same problem was felt around the world and with all specialties. Jules co-founded Cupris with Paul Thomas, an award-winning designer and entrepreneur, with the belief that smartphone technology could solve this problem.

Cupris provides a unique solution that enables communication through an app and a web platform, and clinical examination with smartphone-connected medical devices. The software platform is cross-specialty, so can be used for the remote consultation of a wide variety of health complaints.

The smartphone-connected medical devices complement the Cupris software platform. The first device is an Otoscope for examining the eardrum. The Otoscope can capture clinical images of the eardrum and it has been validated in testing with over 50 healthcare professionals. The otoscope is CE Marked and approved by the MHRA, so can be used as a medical device anywhere in the EU.

Cupris is also NHS Information Governance Toolkit Compliant - this allows Cupris to access the secure NHS N3 network and handle NHS patient data.

There is significant demand in the developing world for ways to extend care out of urban areas and into rural communities that lack basic health services.  For example, in India 70% of the population are located in rural areas where just 25% of healthcare resources are located.

According to the WHO 60 million people in India (5% of the population) suffer from disabling hearing loss.  Many of these cases could be avoided through basic primary care.

Cupris could provide access to this care through the platform. In addition, in Sub-Saharan Africa, there are just 300 ENT surgeons serving a population of 470 million people.  This compares to 600 ENT surgeons serving the UK population alone.  There is a huge demand in Africa for better ways of delivering care to those with extremely limited access to healthcare expertise.




Mike Pallett - CEO

Mike has over two years’ experience in healthcare startups and 5 years in Investment Banking IT. Most recently at JP Morgan, Mike managed multi-million pound software projects to develop the bank’s proprietary trading platforms.  He is an expert project manager, with experience managing large teams of developers and delivering critical systems to the exacting requirements of clients.

Mike has an MBA from London Business School and a Mathematics degree from the University of Birmingham.


Jules Hamann - Medical Director

Jules Hamann has extensive experience in healthcare having worked as a surgeon in the NHS for over 15 years. He is an NHS Consultant ENT & Thyroid Surgeon in Tunbridge Wells and East Grinstead.

He has an MSc in Surgical Technology from Imperial College, where he obtained a distinction in his thesis. Working with computer scientists and engineers he developed one of the world’s first three-dimensional image manipulation systems, that was successfully tested and used in live surgical environments.




Paul Thomas - Product Development Director

Paul Thomas has extensive experience in the product development world. Paul has been a development consultant working on several medical products and a visiting tutor at the Royal College of Art where he has tutored on the MA Service Design and the 2nd year MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering courses.

Prior to this Paul worked for 8 years at Nokia. Whilst at Nokia, Paul developed from concept the Nokia 1100, the world’s best selling electrical device (nearly 400 million sold).


Manish Patel - CTO

Manish has been in software development for over 15 years with projects ranging from building complex cancer systems simulations to technical development at banks and hedge funds. More recently he has co-founded, chairing as CTO, two technology start-ups.




Helene Viatge – Business Development and Project Manager

Helene has worked in the health sector for over 6 years for large medical device companies such as GE Healthcare and Sorin Group and for the largest French corporate health insurance provider, Humanis. She has worked in a variety of roles covering sales and marketing, research and development and strategy consultancy to Humanis’ CEO.




Sean Brennan - Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Sean has 11 years of experience as a design engineer where he has designed medical devices, international consumer products, and world leading high-tech industrial machinery.  He has extensive experience taking products from specification to concept through to production.




For more information about Cupris and the way they revolutionise healthcare visit their website:

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