Torafugu Tech

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Torafugu Tech joined Dotforge Health + Data in Spring 2016. Torafugu tech provides streamlined customer data and AI based analytics to life insurers to supercharge conversions from price comparison websites. Torafugu tech is an analytics business focussing on life insurance to increase product personalisation and improve the health & wellbeing of its members. Currently the […]

Kick starting my ethics education in Tech

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Even just a passing glance at the programme tracks this year at SXSW there is a strong indication that there is far more than a rumble now about ethics of how technology is made, used and disrupts social and business norms. We have been considering some of these questions at Dotforge as we support the […]

Limitless Travel

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Limitless Travel joined Dotforge in Autumn 2015     Limitless Travel specialises in holidays for people with disabilities, mobility issues and the elderly. We use the power of technology to make the world accessible to all. The Problem Everybody has special requirements when they want to go on holiday and it is important these are […]


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HullCoin: a blueprint for the regeneration of local economies joined Dotforge in Winter 2015. Kaini Industries is a not for profit social technology company established in Hull in 2014. The company was created following research undertaken by Hull City Council’s Financial Inclusion Unit into the possibilities of a new kind of digital social currency that […]

Open Cinema

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Christoph Warrack, the Founder of Open Cinema, the social film company that won 2 international social care awards for Social Enterprise Communications Excellence and Best Media for Development Company 2017 is sharing the motives and drive behind the scenes in this inspiring Founder interview. Tell us something about Open Cinema. Open Cinema is Airbnb for cinema – a platform […]

Limitless Travel

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Limitless Travel provides amazing holidays, tours, accommodation and travel for anybody. For any body with any disability, and for any body that just wants a really great holiday. Find out more about this Tech4Good company in Founder interview with Angus Drummond. Tell us something about Limitless Travel. Limitless Travel is A specialist travel agency for […]

Cathartic launches Endinel

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Cathartic joined Dotforge Impact in September 2015. Based on scientific research that proves that openly discussing issues alleviates mental health problems, Cathartic gives mental health sufferers an anonymous platform for them to voice their stories in a safe and secure environment. The company discovered alternative revenue models to fuel its public-facing platform and the technology […]


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MedicSen MedicSen, the company that is revolutionizing diabetes treatment achieved technical viability on their glycemic forecast algorithm and needle-free insulin smartpatch. Find out what’s happening behind of scenes in Founder interview with Eduardo W. Jorgensen.     Tell us something about MedicSen. Shaping the future of healthcare management through artificial intelligence and automated needle-free drug […]

Kaini Industries

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Kaini Industries HullCoin is the world’s first Community Loyalty scheme, the technology uses block chain to track the ways individuals have supported their community, how they have been rewarded and how they used their loyalty points. Company just announced another secured round of investment. Find out what’s happening behind of scenes in Founder interview with […]


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Zazu joined Dotforge Impact program in winter 2015. Zazu is a B2B marketplace, empowering farmers to sell fresh products directly to retailers/buyers, and completely removes all the middlemen. Picture this: there are over 500M smallholder farmers in the world who grow enough quality food to feed the world. But they don’t. Because they sell to […]