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Limitless Travel provides amazing holidays, tours, accommodation and travel for anybody. For any body with any disability, and for any body that just wants a really great holiday. Find out more about this Tech4Good company in Founder interview with Angus Drummond.

Tell us something about Limitless Travel.

Limitless Travel is A specialist travel agency for people with disabilities.

How did you get here?

I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy 4 years ago. I went traveling and then discovered very little info for people with disabilities. On my returns I set up Limitless Travel. Since then I has grown from a blog, to a listing site, to a booking site to now we organize packaged holidays and specialist group tours. We take away the hassle the stress and the worry from traveling with a disability.

What is your inspiration for creating your company?

My personal experience.

What have been your biggest challenges as a Tech4Good Startup?

Lack of experience in tech, travel and start up. Also separating my personal goals and passions from what is good for the business.

What is your biggest learning from Dotforge?

“You’re gonna die” – Colin Tan (only joking). Probably that Helena is a legend! Also that business requires a mixture of unrealistic optimism and incredible patience.

What is the most used piece of advice you have had to developing your startup?

Don’t be afraid to let an idea fail.

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