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Cathartic joined Dotforge Impact in September 2015.

Based on scientific research that proves that openly discussing issues alleviates mental health problems, Cathartic gives mental health sufferers an anonymous platform for them to voice their stories in a safe and secure environment.

The company discovered alternative revenue models to fuel its public-facing platform and the technology is now being used as a HR management tool and whistleblowing platform without detracting from their social mission – creating a sustainable business that’s ready to support expansion. Neil Chandler, the founder of Cathartic explains everything about this new model and how this shift happened.

pasted image 0I have decided the best way to move the business forward is to create a separate product called Endinel, this will be the B2B arm of Cathartic. The branding is not just a simple change of name, it’s enabling us to focus our goals and tune our products for our clients.

Cathartic will still exist, it’s still free for everyone and we will never monetize our users, it’s goal is still the same “free mental health for everyone”. Endinel is the vehicle to fund Cathartic.

We have noticed a strong interest from the finance industry and want to produce a product to best serve their needs. The supporting infrastructure is already tested and live, we have global monitoring, support and everything required to make Endinel enterprise ready.

Initially, we have one product we are going to focus on, Endinel Chat. This enables employees to anonymously whistleblow. We have taken what we have learned with Cathartic ( we help people talk about tough issues ) and applied to Endinel Chat, all pain points are removed, Whistleblowing is now just a click of a button. Whistleblowing can be accessed anywhere on any device.

We are now onboarding two financial organizations, one a leading high street bank and the other is one of the oldest banking institutions. Exciting times are ahead 🙂

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