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Zazu joined Dotforge Impact program in winter 2015.


Zazu is a B2B marketplace, empowering farmers to sell fresh products directly to retailers/buyers, and completely removes all the middlemen.

Picture this: there are over 500M smallholder farmers in the world who grow enough quality food to feed the world. But they don’t. Because they sell to middlemen, who undoubtedly increase the prices and complicate the value chain. By the time fruits reach the consumer, they are probably 5 months old, have been frozen countless times in transit, and yes you guessed it, don’t taste as good!

14707836_779438768863694_284757558813339822_oZazu is empowering farmers to sell directly to the end consumer just as the harvest is ready. Our agro-logistics platform works via SMS and the internet, supporting farmers from legal, payment and advice at each stage.

We are operational in Zimbabwe, South Africa and soon launching in Zambia. Our API’s are accessed by multinational companies who want to significantly improve their supply chain, not only by sourcing hyper-locally but by increasing transparency.

We have previously raised a seed round and are gearing up for a Series A to address increasing demand. For a candid investment and recruitment discussion about Zazu:

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