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School of Code joined Dotforge in Winter 2015.
We want to change learning to code to make it fun, social, and accessible to everyone. Coding is vitally important, now and in the future, but the way we learn to code hasn’t really changed. It’s often solitary, supportless, and so most people get stuck, bored, and quit. They often end up thinking “coding is not for me” when actually with the right support and environment they could’ve had a completely different experience.

This means that not enough people are making it through the learn to code journey, and we have a huge tech skills gap. On top of that, those that make it through aren’t used to working in a team, collaborating, or communicating their ideas because they’ve just been doing exercise after exercise of an online text book – becoming what we like to call a curriculum zombie.


We are changing all of that with our online multiplayer coding platform. People can team up, collaborate, compete, and learn to code in a fun and social environment. Knowing how to code allows you to create whatever you can think of, solve problems you encounter, and invent new ways of doing things. We want everyone to have that opportunity – technology should level the playing field, and provide a great route into a career for everyone. The School of Code helps people become the collaborative, creative thinkers that the world needs.

Check us out on Kickstarter by clicking here: http://kck.st/2ekgfsW and learn to code by making your very own pixel character like this:


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